Coral Beach Redang Island

Coral Beach Redang Island – Tranquility at its Best

Redang is the name of an island which also gives its name to a Marine Park (Pulau Redang Marine Park), actually a large archipelago dotted with numerous islands and rocky outcrops on a turquoise sea. White sand beaches, gently sloping, clear waters and dotted with rocky headlands, fringed by palm trees are the formula of an idyllic site. Coral Beach Redang is another serene site to see and spend your time to get peace of mind.

Coral Beach Redang

Coral Beach Redang is a place that enriches and exhilarates your soul with its tranquil landscape and quiet surrounding. The place is bound to relax every person who is stressed out from daily life of the fast paced world. The beach offers you the best diving and snorkeling experience in Redang Island, with its white sand and crystal clear water with coral reefs just a few meters ahead in the water. Unlike other beaches, Coral Beach Redang is a public beach which remains open for visitors around the clock. Many snorkel and dive centers in Redang Island are located around to offer you water based activities at an affordable price.

The beach is less noisy and smaller and seems to attract more of the European crowd. The diving and snorkeling is one of the favorite activities of the place, and for obvious reasons. Coral Beach Redang is home to a variety of corals, sea turtles, jellyfish, small sharks and reef fish colorful. Point a viewer and immerse yourself in a place full of reef fish and glowing brightly colored corals underwater world. If you like to snorkel with turtles, visit Redang Island during the nesting season between March and December.

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For a different perspective, venture into the waters in a sea kayak and enjoy the stunning views of the island. Popular activities in Coral beach Redang are sunning on the beaches of white sand, swaying in a hammock under the palm trees and float in the blue waters. If you manage to leave the beach, is the jungle trail that crosses the island to discover the monkeys and then take a boat to return to the resort.

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Keep your camera handy at dawn and dusk to portray moments worthy of a postcard. The accommodation near the beach is mostly resort style. Also, you have the option of choosing a category camp. Many resorts in Redang include snorkeling trips in their packages, and others offer relaxing spa treatments. In the resorts you can choose between buffet-style meals and grilled meats. Nearby restaurants offer traditional Western dishes and local foods, for example, lekor keropok (fish sausage) and fish head curry.

Coreal Beach is among the best beaches in Redang, you should visit. Those who have visited this beach, please feel free to share your insights below by adding comments.

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