Island Hopping in Redang Island

Island Hopping in Redang Island

Redang Island is located offshore east main Malaysia. It is one of the islands which forms the marine park and is very well known among tourists for the snorkeling and diving activities it provides.

The island constitutes of nine smaller islands which are separated by small strips of water in between. Redang Island is famous for its pure crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and tropical climate which makes it a tourist heaven.

Island Hopping in Redang

Tourists visiting the tropical side of the world love to visit as many islands as possible in a day and thus island hopping is one of the favorite tourist activity. This means that they get to explore two to four islands on a daily basis. It is much more interesting and gives a quick look at everything.

Many people don’t like spending time in a place for longer periods and this is where island hopping is the perfect way to enjoy the time in the tropical paradise.

Pulau Redang has mainly four stretches of the mainland beaches so island hopping in Redang Island is very much possible and enjoyable.

Hop along Long beach

Long beach or Pulau Pinang is the widest strip of land in Pulau Redang which attracts tourists every year and many resorts are located in the same place. You can take a walk down from long beach to any possible direction and end up in a new place.

Long beach offers many activities such as snorkeling and diving. Along the white stretch of land you can also play volleyball with your mates or enjoy the terrific sunset with your loved ones.

Pulau Lima

Pulau Lima is another island that is located in the vicinity and can be accessed by a short boat ride. The Lima Island holds special value because of the black coral reefs that it harbors and also due to old times shipwrecks the water has plenty of chambers in it all along the water floor.

This gives Lima Island a mysterious air and many tourists love exploring it. The island is not far from Pulau Pinang and so both can be covered within a day.

Pulau Paku Besar

This is the part of the island which is rather untouched by most of commercialization that took place under the Malaysian tourism development program but nonetheless the area is really exotic. The fresh air and the untouched sand give it the most peaceful aura. Plenty of tourists visit Pulau Paku Besar to soak in the sun and just feel the nature in their bones.

Pulau Paku Kecil

The Pulau Paku Kecil is located opposite to Pasir Panjang and can be located if seen opposite to the rocky capes of Tanjung Tengah. On the south of Paku Kecil is the Paku Besar and these two islands can be hopped in one day. It is a very popular diving and snorkeling spot in Redang. It is a five minute boat ride away from Pasir Panjang so those staying at the resort can easily access these three islands in a single day.

Pulau Kerengga Kecil & Pulau Kerengga Besar

The Pulau Kerengga Kecil & Pulau Kerengga Besar are located side by side and offer one of the best deep water diving experiences in the whole of Redang. The mini mount is a famous place located in between these two islands.

The space between the two islands is also of historical importance since two famous ships wrecked at this point that are H.M.S Prince of Wales and H.M.S Repulse, which were sunk during the world war two.

A trip to these two islands is a perfect island hopping activity in Pulau Redang to spend an exciting day.

Pulau Ekor Tebu

The Pulau Ekor Tebu is few steps away from Pulau Redang and is peaceful and quiet. It is fit for snorkeling and diving. You can also catch the sight of clown fish when snorkeling here. Pulau Ekor is not that far and can be included in an island hopping trip.

Pulau Ling

The Pulau Ling is one of the small beaches in Redang that can be hardly visited since the tides are always high and the island itself is covered with sponges and corals. The place is especially interesting because of its rocky outcrop which deep insides harbor tiny sea creatures.

Pulau Ling can be hoped from Redang Island but only when the tides are low so that you do not get wet with sea water.

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