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Mutiara Beach Redang Island – Sandy and Secluded

Every paradise is unique. So much so that, every religion and mythology has its version of it. Eden, Champs Elysees and Valhalla are some examples and descriptions that could get what is called paradise. For us, it is synonymous with paradise beach and sea. Redang Island or Pulau Redang belongs to Malaysia Terengganu region, located northeast of the country. Some of the best beaches in Malaysia are here! Redang Island is famous for its snorkeling, clear water and good atmosphere. Amongst other beaches, Mutiara Beach Redang has the best scenery that makes you believe in the presence of heaven on earth.

Mutiara Beach Redang

It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Pulau Redang. Mutiara Beach is privately owned by Redang Mutiara Beach Resort that offers a relaxing environment at affordable prices. It would be a place where the sand is white and soft; the sensation of walking on it would be more like walking on a cloud. The water is turquoise and transparent. Being able to see the bottom even three meters below you are. Swim quietly with a gentle surf and a temperature which makes it perfect for chilling heat without suffering from the cold if you stay long enough. It is surrounded by nature. The forest surrounding the place, no roads, no sidewalks and is not easily accessible.

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You can watch the underwater world just a few meters at Mutiara Beach Redang. Just being able to swim a little and meet several turtles swimming freely near the coast, a little more and you’ll find yourself surrounded by corals of different shapes and sizes, clown fish defending its anemone, brown watching his den and thousands of colorful fish fleeing your presence.

It has no mass tourism. As a remote and secluded location offers the right amount of people that make it a unique experience. If you want to be completely alone, you will have to walk a few meters to find a beach behind the rocks just for you. Moreover, it offers facilities at home. I agree, most of us, being the first, we are spoiled for currencies. I personally would have no problem leaving them aside, I’ve done hundreds of times, but if I can have a soft bed, a hot shower, homemade food and to forget the world feeling like I’m home, that to me would be closing gold to describe the place we call paradise.

All these things can be found in one place if you are at Mutiara Beach Redang. Visit it once and you will crave for it sand and clear water the next time you want to be at any beach. For more activities in Redang, you can check out  things to do in Redang Island.

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