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Pulau Redang Accommodation Guide & Tips

Redang Island is situated at the edge of Kuala Terengganu at a distance of 45km and is more commonly known as Pulau Redang in Malay language. This particular island is also an archipelago so out of the nine secured islands that are lined off the coast of Terengganu, Redang Island is probably the largest one of them all. The nine islands are namely Lima Island, Paku Kecil Island, Paku Besar Island, Kerengga Kecil Island, Ling Island, Ekor Tebu Island, Pinang Island, Kerengga Besar Island, and lastly Redang Island.

This miraculous island is featured with crystal blue waters and powder-fine sandy white beaches along with a fantastic underwater wonderland. Some of the best diving spots are in Redang Island, and if there is one thing Redang Island is highly known for, it is undoubtedly scuba diving.

For a bit of facts, you will be interested to know that the island has a history of two shipwrecks namely The H.M.S. Prince of Wales and H.M.S. Repulse which went down just as World War II took place.

Pulau Redang Accomodation

Finding a perfect Pulau Redang accommodation in terms of hotel or resort sometimes become confusing, because of the various options available on this island. First check out what else you can do on this island, prior to booking a hotel of your choice here:

Things you can do on Redang Island

Redang Island can rightly be called a paradise island for those who are of the daring sort and enjoy recreational activities like kayaking, canoeing, boating, jungle trekking, swimming, snorkeling and most importantly scuba diving. You will feel like you are in heaven as the island contains some really awe-inspiring views.

For the adventure lovers, Pulau Redang will prove to be a tremendous place for snorkeling and scuba diving as the island offers a rich marine life. Within the borders of the Island, you can find Redang Marine Park Centre, where you can find a rich diversity of pelagic creatures along with a scintillating coral life. At noon-time when the rays of the sun shine through the sea, you will be amazed to see vibrant hues of amazing corals, anemones and many other fish species reeling their way out into the sea.

In order to protect the island, fishing is prohibited within a radius of 3.2km of Pulau Redang. It is a marine park and a lot of measures have been taken to safeguard the island which is why fishing, touching and stepping on fishes and coral life is forbidden. Visitors are not even allowed to collect pelagic creatures or corals because it takes years for them to grow back. And to top it all, you can even enjoy a nice round of golf at the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, which offers an ideal setting for the sophisticated class.

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A Perfect Vacation Spot

So if you’re planning on having an exciting and fun-filled vacation, then get packing for Pulau Redang. It is a remarkable place for having the vacation of a lifetime and there will be a lot of exciting opportunities for you to avail here and make it the most memorable trip of your life. The island is loaded with all sorts of things of interests, things to see and things to do.

Once you come to this amazing place, you will realize that one trip will be insufficient for you to experience everything this island offers you with. Moreover, Redang consists of some of the most extraordinary resorts for you to stay in.

Detailed Pulau Redang Accommodation Guide

In order to have an outstanding vacation, you need to be able to figure out which hotel or resort will suit you best. Before planning for a tour it is wise to do your homework, especially regarding Pulau Redang accomodation.

With so many options available to choose from, it can get difficult to select one, and you certainly do not want to make the wrong decision. You can easily do your research online due to the ease of online booking of hotels. The following guide of Redang Island accommodation will help and direct you in booking the perfect hotel.

Check out Customer Feedbacks

The most helpful way of choosing Pulau Redang accommodation is to go through the reviews of customers, who have previously been a part of the hotel or have recently experienced their stay there. A lot of information can be gathered through these reviews and they are quite genuine and reliable.

Whether the pros or cons are being discussed, these facts can make you select the required hotel or look for another option. Those hotels which have a positive feedback are worth your time and effort and should be the first ones to be investigated.

Moreover, you can even consult with your immediate family members, friends and acquaintances that have experienced similar trips and ask them about their likes and dislikes of the respective hotels.

Using Stars as your Guide

The first and foremost thing people look before choosing Pulau Redang accomodation is that they check the number of stars a particular hotel boasts. The majority of the people tend to book a hotel based on the number of stars it has, and those resorts that have earned 5 stars are the one that stand in the limelight.

However, you should not solely base your decision on one factor as you need to realize there is standardization amongst different countries. So if a hotel has five stars in one country, it might not even stand a chance of earning 3 stars in another.

More importantly, people rank a hotel based one or two factors, so if a particular facility was of interest to them, they’re quite likely going to rank a hotel with 5 stars. The general preferences and perception differ from person to.

Choose your Location Wisely

It is not unusual for most of the cheap hotels to be located at deserted locations. Most people fall for this trap and what may seem like a bargain will actually make you pay the price for the entire trip. You will be required to catch a ferry or boat on a frequent basis for the purpose of traveling, and the money you saved here will actually cost you even more. Similarly, if you want to enjoy snorkeling in Redang Island, you should pick a resort with the private beach.

This way the entire holiday gets ruined, so always go to the hotel with the key attraction sights located close by in order to have the best trip of your life. Therefore, choose your Pulau Redang accommodation wisely.

Go for the Right Facilities

There is some Pulau Redang accommodation, which even charge for the wide range of facilities that they offer to their customers. It is best to avoid such hotels. Even if the services and facilities are free of charge, you must not take the wrong advantage of it and always take care of the things you are using. Some hotels even charge for Wi-Fi, when such a basic need should obviously not be priced.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

It is best to make a reservation for your Pulau Redang accommodation in a hotel as early as possible,  because if you are traveling during the peak season then it is highly unlikely for you to get a room in the best hotel or resort. This way you will miss out on a grand opportunity and you will eventually have to settle in for another hotel.

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Last minute bookings can be a nightmare and if you do not get to stay at the dream hotel you have been planning all along, things can get chaotic. Most hotels may even cancel your booking a day before the arrival at zero cost, so in case you change your mind it wouldn’t be a big deal to get it cancel.

Plan your stay at Pulau Redang, keeping in view the above guide. While making a booking, you should keep in mind that there are months when most of the resorts in Redang Island are close due to the monsoon season. The resorts will also not take reservations as they will be closed. You can check out best time to visit Redang Island for more information. This will help you to make the most of your money and time.

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