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Redang Island Resort List for the Convenience of Tourists

The Redang Island, more commonly known as Pulau Redang is situated at the edge of Kuala Terengganu at a distance of 45km. Redang Island is also an archipelago so out of the nine secured islands that are lined off the coast of Terengganu, it is probably the largest one of them all. The island can rightly be described with its crystal blue water and powder-fine sandy white beaches along with an amazing underwater wonderland.

Redang Island Resort List

Redang Island is a remarkable place for having the vacation of a lifetime and there will be a lot of exciting opportunities for you to avail here and make it the most memorable trip of your life. The island is loaded with all sorts of things of interests, things to see and do.

Once you come to this amazing place, you will realize that one trip will be insufficient for you to experience everything this island offers you with. Moreover, Redang consists of some of the most extraordinary resorts for you to stay in. To help you have an outstanding vacation, we have created Redang Island Resort list for your convenience:

1. The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort tops Pulau Redang Island Resort list, which is indeed an exquisite haven which is situated on Terengganu’s coast. It is flaunted as the leading Marine Park of Malaysia and its location in the peaceful waters of Teluk Dalam with the perfect combination of sunshine, sand and sea make it a wonderful place for tourists to lodge in.

The resort takes great pride in accommodating approximately 273 guest rooms which are furnished with the finest fixtures and fittings, along with impressive bathrooms designed in the classic Malay style chalets. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and equipped with all the facilities and up-to-date amenities.

The larger rooms consist of two storeys styled with Malaysian timber and a mesmerizing garden view. Then there are the deluxe chalets which also consist of two storeys and entail four rooms. These rooms let you grab a view of the outstanding picturesque ocean that stretches as far as your eyes can see. The resort also features a private beach, known as “Taaras Beach“.

The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort is the ideal place for couples and newlyweds as no more than 2 people are allowed to stay in one room. The hotel has a number of activities like spa treatments, beach volleyball, jungle-trekking, swimming pool and everything you can think of, so derive pleasure from these remarkable amenities and make the most of your trip.

Address: Pulau Redang, 20928 Redang Island, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-630 8888
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2. Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa

The Sari Pacifica Redang Resort & Spa, included in top Redang Island Resort list, is situated on Malaysia’s most renowned island, the Pulau Redang and lets you come across the most spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving spots in all over the world. The resort is located at Pasir Panjang and is known to be a boutique resort because of its wonderful views.

This resort lets you get a view of the island’s vibrant and rich diversity of marine life, along with the crystal blue-green water and golden sandy beaches. This particular resort is especially for those who like to spend extravagantly and to make your trip even more enticing, Sari Pacifica Resort accommodates 70 luxurious and elegantly styled villas, fully equipped and furnished to make your stay as memorable as possible.

Here, you can experience the perfect combination of a tropical lifestyle of the island as well as the lavish and elegant lifestyle of this grand resort. You can laze around all day on the verandah or sunbathe on the sands under the scorching heat. The resort also features a private beach known as “Sari Pacifica Beach“.

You can bask in the comfort of the hotel’s superior bedding and sip on your choice of cocktail as you chat with your better-half about the glorious blue-green sea, swinging palm trees and the fascinating beaches, or simply head down to experience the best scuba diving of your life. Whatever you may choose to do, you will surely fall in love with the tranquility and beauty of the Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa.

Address: Lot 87 & 88, Pulau Redang, 21090, Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-8942 8882
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3. Laguna Redang Island Resort

This particular island contains an amazing backdrop of emerald green hills, lush green forests, sparkling blue water and talcum white sands and is situated in one of Redang’s finest beaches. Laguna Resort is the modern day representation of the customary Malay architecture and is designed in a way which helps it blend with the tropical environment. Altogether it is a beautifully structured resort with some truly breath-taking views.

The resort heads the Redang Island Resort list, which provides its customers with a peaceful and comforting ambience so if you are in search for serenity then you should definitely choose Laguna Resort as your accommodating spot. You can choose from amongst 222 finely and elegantly styled Deluxe Garden Rooms, Deluxe Pool Rooms, Premier Sea Rooms, Deluxe Sea Rooms, Standard Rooms or the more lavish Laguna suites. In the end, it all depends on your budget.

All the rooms are airy, with timber striped flooring and private balconies that let you grab a view of the panoramic South China Sea. You can enjoy the gentle breeze and choose a room with a sight that suits you best; the tropical rain forest, the captivating gardens, the mesmerizing sea or the fascinating pool.

Address: Sdn Bhd., S-5, Wisma Tenang, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, Kuala, 20000, Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-630 7888

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4. Coral Redang Island Resort

The Coral Redang Island, among the most preferred Redang Resort list, offers a variety of 40 standard rooms and detached plus semi-detached chalets. All the rooms have the basic facilities like air-conditioning systems, fans as well as a good supply of hot water. Also, you must definitely try the renowned “Matahari Restaurant” which offers a splendid view of the sea and you can savor great food.

Choose from amongst a wide selection of continental, local or the authentic barbeque dishes which will surely leave your taste buds tingling for more. The resort also has a poolside bar named “Chicak” which consists of an amazing range of flavorful cocktails. Simply laze under the sizzling sun or dive into the pool and sip on these refreshing drinks.

The Coral Island Resort also features a private beach, known as “Coral Beach“. To top it all, there are numerous dive shops loaded with the best amenities and skilled instructors who will surely make diving one hell of an experience. For the non-divers, snorkeling will be a better and an equally interesting option as scuba diving as Redang Island possesses a miraculous underwater world. You may even choose to go sea kayaking and there are numerous places from where you can rent one.

Address: Redang Island, Pasir Panjang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-630 7110
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5. Redang Kalong Resort

The Redang Kalong Resort is one of Redang Island’s well known resort offering its customers a total of 38 air-conditioned rooms. The rooms are simple, each having an attached bathroom accompanied with hot water showers. The resort is positioned in the midst of swaying palm and coconut trees and you will enjoy a great deal of privacy on the secluded beach. The resort even promises a reserved enclave only accessible to a few so you won’t face a hoard of people.

The best part about this resort is that it has its own private five star PADI diving center, which is handled by The Diver’s Den. The center has an experienced master instructor who will be guiding and instructing you all the way through your journey in the underwater world. With an experience of over 12 years, your trip to the marine life will be truly extra-ordinary, creating memories worth cherishing.

The new diving center is equipped with the best of the best facilities and is available for all the divers. The resort even has a private deck where divers can chill out and unwind themselves after the dive.

Address: 4, Jalan Universiti, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46200, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-7960 6163

6. Redang Island Resort

While all the other resorts are located on the beachfront, the Redang Island Resort is situated at Teluk Redang, off Terengganu’s state on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The resort consists of 98 rooms’ altogether and each room has its own air-conditioning system with all the basic facilities such as telephone, television, a safekeeping deposit, minibar, and a nice bathroom with all the hair care products.

Also, you will have access to an open balcony which uncovers truly amazing views. In all, there are 52 chalets with the view of the immaculate rainforest chalets and 46 chalets with the awe-inspiring sight of the sea.

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The resort provides a number of modern day amenities like gaming zone, meeting rooms, ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection, and a multiple kinds of recreational activities for people of all ages. The gym at the Redang Island Resort is well-appointed and you enjoy a good workout session. Or you may beat the heat by going for a dive in the enormous swimming pool.

Two well-renowned cafes of this resort are the “Santai Bar & Lounge” and “Santapan Café” than offer their customers the best in-house coffee, with mouth-watering snacks and beverages as well as excellent quality International dishes.

Address: Peti Surat 106, 20710 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-630 8787

These are the few and best resorts included in Redang Island Resort list, where you can choose to stay at while you are vacationing is the glorious Pulau Redang. Take note that there are plentiful of beaches and resorts available so you can plan accordingly with respect to your budget and get packing for the most memorable trip of your life. You also need to keep in mind the Redang monsoon season, when majority of the resorts in Redang are close for business. For more information you can checkout best time to visit Redang Island to make most of your trip.

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