Things to do in Redang Island

10 Best Things to Do in Redang Island

There are many beautiful islands located in Malaysia that give you an exquisite taste of Asia and make your vacations unforgettable. Redang Island is one of the best islands in Malaysia known for its crystal clear blue waters which is ideal for snorkeling & diving and the best trekking trips. The white beach sand and the tropical weather add to the beauty of it.

You might be wondering what to do in Redang Island since it is a less traveled island in Malaysia. The island is perfect for beach holidays, getaway trip, romantic trip, honeymoon, diving and for those who just love the combination of water, sun & beach. Before planning your trip to Redang Island, it is important for you to know the best time to visit Pulau Redang to make most of your trip.

Best Things to Do in Redang Island

We have recapped here some of the best things to do in Redang Island. You can try one or all of the activities during your trip to Pulau Redang.

1. Watch Sunset & Sunrise

Sunsets are one of the best on Redang Island that soothes the souls and relaxes the mind. The most interesting about the island is the clear weather and the sunny aura which is bound to relax any stressful nerve.

The small island gets plenty of sun during the daytime, but the mornings are all the more beautiful. In the morning you can see shrouds of cloud through which the sun gently peeks while wild island birds are singing in the glory of the morning.

The scene is nothing but out of a movie with the air fresh, cool breeze blowing and the sun gently warms embracing you. To catch the best of sunrise that Redang Island has to offer, it is necessary that tourists are up by 4am or 5am to catch the wonder of nature. Travel to the east and have the splendid memory of your lifetime.

2. Go on a Snorkeling Trip

Redang Island is also known for providing the crystal clear water for snorkeling and most tourists love the island for the healthy coral reefs it has to offer that are enriched with sea life. You can also spot baby sharks and turtles in the snorkeling trips which usually do not cost much and are available at cheap affordable rates.

The usual price paid for snorkeling trips in Redang is RM90 (Malaysian Ringgits) which covers the basic gear, but if extra equipment is needed then the divers charge extra. Most of the water in the island area is not deep enough, but the one near Turtle Island is deep enough which requires fins to snorkel.

There are boat rides and ferry trips that take you far off to the corners of the island to catch a glimpse of most marine life. When snorkeling, make sure to get out of the water around the time during the night since that is when the current level of water is high and tides are strong enough making it impossible to swim.

The snorkeling is a must-try fun activity and recommended things to do in Redang Island.

3. Explore the Island by Trekking

The Redang Island offers a wide range of animal diversity. There are numerous animals and rare plants located on the island which can be truly appreciated with a trek along the island. Tourists who love to walk or climb should definitely try this.

The village road and Pasir Panjang trekking is the easiest for those who want to get a taste of the variety of animals and plants the island has to offer. You can make this short trek in your flip flops and on your way catch glimpses of domestic animals and even monitor lizards.

There is another track from Pasir Panjang to Teluk Dalam which is two kilometers in distance, but can be easily countered with strong flip flops or sandals. There are uphill and downhill parts during the trek but provides you a better view of plants to see along the way.

4. Go on Summer Holidays Movie Set

If you are a movie lover and have seen “Summer Holiday” that starred Sammi Cheng and Richie Jen then you will be happy to know that the movie was partly shot in Redang Island. The “Mo Mo Cha Inn” is situated in between Redang Reed and Redang Beach resorts. This historical tourist attraction makes it an ideal place to get the vibe when talking about movie buffs.

If interested Laguna Redang Island Resort has a lot of memorable items from the movie and replicas that you can surely visit. Take pictures and tell your friends all about it.

5. Dive Deep in the Water

Scuba diving in Redang is another recommended things to do on the Island. Pulau Redang has a number of dive sites such as Tanjung Lang and Tanjung Tokong which are among the popular diving spots in the world. Single time diving usually costs up to RM90 (Malaysian Ringgits) and the extra gear required is usually charged according to the needs and used for diving.

Underwater photography is common in Redang Island and many shops rent out cameras for RM30 per day for tourists to take pictures. They also provide services to burn those pictures on a CD as well.

6. Try the Local Food

Many people who go on abroad tours love to taste the local cuisine and indulge in all sorts of special delights of the area. Redang Island offers a good variety of local authentic Malay food that can be lavished by many foreigners.

The Redang Laguna Food Court is one such place where local cuisine if offered in good taste and affordable rates. The food court offers only dinner, but is a must try when you are staying in Redang Island. Chinese and Malay style food are most commonly served, but spicy Thai salads are an amazing deal that the court offers.

The Curry fish head is another popular dish in Redang Island. A single serving is good enough for 2 people and the price is as cheap as RM10.

Sandfly café is another great food place located in Pasir Panjang which offers both local and western style food. It is open all day and serves delicious, mouth watering “Ais Kacang” which is shaved ice with goodies and topped with syrup.

7. Have some Nightlife Fun

Pulau Redang has not much of a nightlife to offer except for Karaoke, which is highly popular among Chinese tourists. Alcohol is readily available in Redang Island and can be bought at affordable rates in local stores, resorts & bars. It is quite affordable as a can of beer can be bought at a local shop for less than RM10. For more information about what you can do in Redang at night, you can read more about Redang Nightlife.

8. Turtle Watching

Turtle watching is a common activity that many tourists enjoy in Pulau Redang. Pasir Chagar Hutang is the prime spot in Redang Island, where turtles come to mate and lay eggs. The beach is off limits and in most cases, if tourists are snorkeling in the water they can catch a glimpse of the turtles.

Green turtles are a common to the Redang Island and the research center located on Redang Island claims that they come from all the way from countries like Indonesia and Philippines to lay eggs. Many visitors can help volunteer at the Turtle research center and learn more about it through research work.

9. Treat yourself to a Spa

There are a lot of luxury beach resorts in Redang that offer you a wide range of relaxing massages to calm your nerves down. The two most common spas that attract many tourists are the Taaras Beach and Spa Resort and Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa. There are many relaxing massages available that help soothe and relax you.

You can also pamper your partner by booking one of the Spa package for her/him. The affordable price and quality treatment is what makes Spa one of the recommended things to do in Redang Island.

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10. Volleyball and Sandcastles on the Beach

The main part of a vocation is to enjoy and relax. You do not actually need to explore everything but can spend the days just relaxing & having fun on the beach. Build a sand castle or play volleyball. Take in the good sun, nature has to offer and forget all the worries. This will boost up your natural immune system and you can get the most of the vocation.

There are a lot of places that can be visited on Redang Island. Besides the Redang beaches and water activities, the Islands have a historical mystery associated with them that makes the place all the more enchanted yet beautiful.

These are some of the best activities that Redang Island as to offer to the tourists. If you want to recommend an activity to the best things to do in Redang Island, then please do so by adding comments below.

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