Beaches in Redang Island – Finding the Best Redang Beach


Redang Island or Pulau Redang is a beautiful tourist heaven located on the east side of Malaysia. It is a world famous spot for diving and snorkeling activities and each year it gains a massive amount of foreign tourists who want to get a taste of white sandy beaches in Redang Island.

Redang Island is not only famous for providing relaxation to the tourists but also serves as an important spot to the turtles who come there to lay eggs and copulate.

Beaches in Redang Island

Pulau Redang offers some of the best tropical beaches in Malaysia. The beaches in Redang Island provide an awesome snorkeling experience to the tourists. The sandy beaches of Redang Island are certainly the best in the east coast side of Malaysia. Some of the best and famous beaches in Redang are listed below.

Coral Beach

Coral beach in Redang Island is a soul exhilarating place that is bound to relax every stressed out tourist. It offers white sand and clear crystal water with coral reefs located just a few meters ahead in the water, providing you the best of snorkeling and diving activities.

Coral beach is a public beach and open for tourists all day. There are many snorkel and diver centers located nearby which provide water based activities.

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Taaras Beach

Taaras beach offers a much more peaceful environment and relaxation. Owned privately by Taaras Beach & Spa Resort it is only accessible to people staying at the beach resort in Redang. It is only a short distance to the Bejaya beach and offers water based activities such as snorkeling and diving.

The beach also has a spa located nearby so you can always get a massage while soaking in the sun to relax. Since, the beach is privately owned by the resort there are no hassle and rush of people, which offers it the best environment to indulge in peace and serenity.

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Mutiara Beach

The Redang Mutiara beach is a privately owned beach by the Redang Mutiara Beach Resort which offers a relaxing aura to the tourists and also it is quite affordable. The beach has its clear water and white sand where one gets to relax without too many noises.

The beach also has small huts that are fashioned according to the Malay style which gives it a touch of Asia that many tourists long for. Mutiara beach is one of the best beaches in Redang Island that offers peace and relaxation.

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Teluk Dalam Beach

The Telum Dalam beach is located not on the mainstream side of the island, but a little to the north side of Pulau Redang and is no doubt one of the best beaches in Redang providing a terrific view.

The beach is privately owned by Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. The sand is white and soft probably one of the best in all of Malaysia and the water is great for swimming.

The area does not host much coral reefs so snorkeling can be a bit of a problem, but overall, this is one amazing beach to visit on your stay in Malaysia.

Pasir Panjang Beach

The Pasir Panjang beach is often called as long beach because of the long white sand it has to offer that is stretched on a long area. The beach is open to the public so expect many tourists playing volleyball and soaking in the sun.

The beach offers snorkeling activities since it harbors a wide stretch of corals on the left side and has no coral reefs in the middle. It is famous for the extra sun and is a hub for sun worshipers in all of Redang.

Pasir Kalong Beach

Pasir Kalong is a public beach, but since it is located far and is inaccessible mostly. There are boat rides and a trek to get to the beach, but most boatmen can happily drop you on the spot at RM20 (Malaysian Ringgit).

The beach does not harbor corals, but the sand is crystal clear and the water is warm enough for enjoying a private swim.

Pasir Pinang Beach

The Pasir Pinang beach is often referred to as the Marine park beach as well. It is open to public and offers a great place for snorkeling in Redang Island. Many dive centers do bring their clients here for snorkeling so beware you will not get much private time. On the other hand, the sun shines brightly and the water is warm and clear.

Due to excessive corals in the area the sand is a bit rough so it is advisable to bring a mat along if you intend on sun bathing.

Sekinchan Beach

This area is also known as Redang beach or Sekinchan beach which is almost hidden from mass tourists but is such an amazing place. The water is crystal clear and the beach has white sand that in unpolluted by most of the tourists, so it is bound to be utterly relaxing.

It is a public beach, but located in the Sekinchan region, it has a few tourists and many locals do not go there as well. The sunset is particularly interesting about this beach because it gives the whole dramatic effect of the dying sun, which is both soulful exhilarating as well as a romance with your loved one.

There are a few shops located at a distance from the beach. It is the perfect place to have some peace alone without the interference of many people.

Sari Pacifica Beach

The beach is located on the long beach white strip of sand, but is privately owned by the Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa. The beach with its white sand and clear water is perfect for relaxation and there is no rush of people to bother you. You can sip cocktails along the beach and watch the sunset while enjoying the cool ocean breeze.

Sari Pacifica beach is open to the tourists staying at the resort but one of the most beautiful beaches that Redang Island has to offer.

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If you know about any of Redang beaches that is not covered in this article, please do let us know by adding comments below. If you’re traveling across Malaysia and want to know beaches in other islands & destinations, we have listed down some of the recommended beaches guide:

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