Best Redang Beach Resort

Best 5 Redang Beach Resort for Luxury & Comfort

Redang Island is a tourist attraction which has been highly developed by the Malaysian government in the past years. There has been a lot of commercialization and development to accommodate tourists. The beaches have been furnished and many water based activities in Redang Island have been introduced as a means to get tourists from all around the globe.

Redang Island is famous for its tropical weather, good beaches and amazing water activities that are sure to provide you a relax vacation.

Best Redang Beach Resort

There are plenty of hotels and resorts you will find in Redang island which offer great service. There is also plenty of beach resort in Redang which not only provide great service, but also health & well-being services like Spa. The stay in one of Redang beach resort is highly recommended.

The aim for any vocation is to make the best out of it which means that choosing a resort that is affordable and comfy is the number one priority.

Picking the Best Resort

Since, Redang consists of a number of islands compiled together so where you end up staying matter a lot. The distance from the beach and other activities should be kept in mind as well. The family size, accommodation, food and the atmosphere are just some of the things that every tourist should go through so that when on vacation, everything goes smoothly and no mishaps happen that might spoil your trip.

Some of the best Redang beach resort are listed below:

The Taaras Beach and Spa Resort

The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort in Redang Island offer a very good accommodation and comfy rooms. The rooms are spacious and have a balcony to give you the view of the beautiful island. The rooms are also equipped with the air conditioned and also come with additional fanning, not to mention each room has its private tea/coffee maker and a minibar.

One of the many highlights of Taaras Beach & Spa Resort is a spa located in the resort that provides best massages and the front desk is always there 24 hours to cater to your needs. There is a tennis court and a pool located in the resort which is to provide activities to the tourists. The resort is about 45 kilometers away from Sultan Mahmud Airport, which is followed by a one and a half hour long ferry ride from Shahbandar jetty, but is readily available.

Bookings can be made online and the prices of the rooms depend on the season they are booked in. By booking Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, you will also be able to access Taaras beach which is among the best beaches in Redang Island. The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort is highly recommended Redang beach resort.

Address: Pulau Redang, 20928 Redang Island, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9630 8888
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Redang Bay Resort

The Redang Bay Resort is another best beach resort in Redang, and only 15 minute board ride away from the Marine Park Center. The beach resort is recommended if you also want to experience snorkeling in Redang Island, which is a recommend thing to do in the island. It is close to the Redang Airport and only a 20 minute boat ride will take you to Redang Bay Resort.

The rooms are wide and spacious. There is a general pool and sun terrace for all the visitors staying. The front desk is always there to help and can help visitors arrange shuttle service, luggage storage and other ticket arrangement.

This Redang Beach Resort is near to the coastline and provides a terrific view of the island. The resort has a restaurant located in it which offer yummy local dishes.

Rooms are available on pre booking and accept visa and master cards only. All prices are subjected to the availability of room and season going on.

Address: 139, Jalan Bandar,20100 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9620 320 0/1/2/7, +60 9620 3197

Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa

The Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa is one of the best Redang beach resort, which offers tourists, private villas and balconies so that they can relax & enjoy in a peaceful environment.

The villas are large and decorated in a very tropical style that have television and hot shower facility with them. If you want to snorkel and enjoy any other water activity, then Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa is highly recommended.

There is a dining place in the resort which offer delicious food all day. The resort is a thirty minute boat ride away from the Merang jetty.

Visa and master cards are accepted. The bookings can be made before hand, but the room price is susceptible to change according to availability and season rush. You can however get an extra bed in the room upon request, otherwise the villas are mostly twin beds with one crib available for those who have children.

Address: Lot 87 & 88, 21090 Pulau Redang Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9630 7000
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Laguna Redang Island Resort

The Laguna Redang Island Resort is one of the spacious & expensive Redang beach resort which has an amazing surrounding offering peace and serenity. The resort itself is furnished in Malay style and is famous for the white sandy beach it has to offer.

Located on the island side Pasir Panjang the resort operates a boat ride service from Shahbandar Jetty, Kuala Terengganu. You can easily reach the destination in about 1.5 hours. Before heading to Shahbandar jetty a plane ride to the main island is inevitable.

The rooms are well equipped and facilities are provided to entertain the tourists. Air conditioning and telephones are in every room and each room has its own coffee and tea making facility.

The standard room rates range from 510 RM to the Laguna suite ranging up to 1,370 RM, including breakfast. The resort also has a swimming pool and provides internet facility in every room.

Address: Laguna Redang Island Resort, Pasir Panjang, Redang Island, Malaysia.
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Redang Pelangi Resort

The Redang Pelangi Resort is located on the small white beach sand strip of Pasir Panjang. It is a heaven for people who love to snorkel and dive in the luscious crystal water.

The Redang Pelangi Resort offers great diving packages to accompany the tourists staying there. There are different rooms available for divers and snorkelers. Twin rooms for snorkels are available at 460 RM while for divers 800 RM.

The resort offers its very own dive and snorkel activities if rooms are booked accordingly. The area can be accessed easily by boat ride from the Shahbandar jetty and usually takes an hour to get there.

Address: Pasir Panjang, Pulau Redang, 20000, Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9624 2158
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These are some of the best and recommended beach resorts in Redang Island. If you want to recommend a beach resort in Pulau Redang, please do so by adding comments below. For further reading, you can checkout Redang Island Accommodation Guide article.

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