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The Exotic Redang Pelangi Resort Awaits to Welcome You

Redang Island or Pulau Redang is positioned towards the East Coast of Malaysia. It is around 22km from Tanjung Merang and almost 45km to the northeast of Kuala Terengganu. It is rated among the most mesmerizing and chief islands of Malaysia. Pulau Redang is ranked as a marine park, because of its very rich underwater multiplicity and illustrious diving sites.

To the east of Redang Island, is spotted a very eminent and leading ‘Pasir Panjang Beach’ which is renowned for its spectacular surprises and fabulous glories such as charming azure sky, appealing white grainy sand and bright green hills embellished with pleasant dense rainforests. There are plentiful coral reefs nearby and numerous appealing resorts on this beach. Over here you will find the Redang Pelangi Resort, known for the beautiful serene view outside.

Overview of Redang Pelangi Resort

The Redang Pelangi Resort is one of the most pleasing resorts sited on the Pasir Panjang Beach. It has been the first resort offering to serve Complete Board Packages at Pulau Redang since 1990. The resort compromises to its maximum in order to assure the absolute satisfaction, coziness and complete relaxation of their lodgers. It offers typical housing with brilliant services blended with marvelous observations of the beach from the rooms at very reasonable costs.


The Redang Pelangi Resort offers solitary standard rooms which are well-resourced and either have a single, double bed or two single beds. Likewise, there are Twin Sharing rooms which are more spacious and have the same sequence of beds as the standard rooms. Similarly, the resort offers Triple Sharing rooms with a single, double bed and one single bed or three single beds.

However, an additional mattress can be installed upon the guest’s request. Correspondingly, there are Quad Sharing Rooms with either two double beds or one double bed and two single beds. These rooms are even more expansive and can hold up to two more mattresses on demand. All the rooms are air conditioned and have wooden flooring.

They are designed with Timber as a replacement for concrete and are well-maintained. The rooms are fully-furnished and well-resourced with facilities like writing desks, safe locks and attached bathrooms. The bathrooms are fully equipped with toiletries and have both warm and cold water services available.

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Features & Activities

The Redang Pelangi Resort’s staff is very friendly, approaching and responsive. They are quick at replying to any questions or queries made by the guests and are eager to ensure the guest’s happiness and satisfaction. They are always ready to assist the guests through thick and thin as long as they are present on the island.

Additionally, the resort offers plenty of exciting and entertaining activities to the visitors such as beach volleyball, kite flying, sandcastle building, CD movie, and karaoke and beach disco parties. Also, the resort offers plenty of amusing Indoor games like cards, board games, Mahjong and Congkak which is a traditional game played across Malaysia.

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Restaurant & other Facilities

The resort has a Souvenir Shop and a delicate restaurant which offers scrumptious Halal Chinese and mouthwatering Malay specialties in Buffet style. The restaurant’s Barbecue is succulent and very remarkable. It has a juice bar which serves flavorsome and refreshing beverages along with fresh fruit juices. There is a pool table and a foosball table inside the bar which keeps the guests full of activity and cheerfulness.

The resort also has a canteen which serves breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner. The canteen offers bread, biscuits and appetizing snacks along with yummy juices. The resort has a sun bath platform which allows the guest to relax in the sun and get their bodies tanned.

Furthermore, the resort has a well-equipped Dive Centre, which arranges amusing water sports such as canoeing, snorkeling and diving in Redang Island at different sites. They organize entertaining and enjoyable round island trips and fishing trips for the guests. The dive center also offers a rental service for the guests who desire to rent diving and fishing equipment.

Gear yourself up for an exciting and adventurous vacation on Redang Pelangi Resort and capture the special moments for the memory of your lifetime.

Address: Pasir Panjang, Pulau Redang, 20000, Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 9-624 2158
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