How to get to Redang Island from Singapore

How to get to Redang from Singapore – By Air, Bus, Ferry, Car

Singapore is one of the best tourist destinations in the South-East Asia. The tourists from around the globe visit Singapore & Malaysia every year and often make Singapore as the starting point of their trip. From Singapore, they travel to nearby tourist destinations in Malaysia as well.

How to get to Redang from Singapore

There are many ways as how to get to Redang from Singapore. We have discussed all the possible ways below, which includes traveling by air, bus & car. You can also read our guide about the best time to visit Redang Island to ensure not spoiling your trip by going there in one of the bad season.

From Singapore to Redang by Air

Berjaya Air fly from Changi Airport Budget Terminal from Singapore to Redang Island. The flight time is about 80 minutes to be exact and bookings can be made online and cost RM350 (Malaysian Ringgits) for a one way ride.

The only airstrip located is near the Berjaya Resort which takes its passengers directly from the plane to the resort while others have to arrange ferry rides or boat rides to their final destination. The beach resorts in Pulau Redang also provide facility of transferring the passengers from the airport to the resort. You may need to make these arrangements in advance upon booking.

From Singapore to Redang by Bus

A number of bus and coaches depart on a daily basis from Singapore to Kuala Terengganu. The bus ride is about 9 to 10 hours and makes stops along the way for food and refreshment purposes. The buses are relaxing and comfortable which provide a spacious area for people to stretch their legs and not let their muscles go stiff.

The bus usually takes tourists from Singapore to Merang and from there a ferry ride is taken to get to Redang island. The buses arrive to Merang at about 8:30am. Bus schedule from Singapore to Kuala Terengganu is 9am, 8pm and 9pm with the one-way ticket price ranges from $40 – $50 (Singapore Dollars) per person. The return ticket is much cheaper as the ticket price for the return ticket is in Malaysian Ringgit. There are luxury coaches as well that take passengers from Singapore to Redang Island and the price is slightly higher than the normal coaches.

There are two bus services operating known as, Transnasional and Konsortium which take passengers from Singapore to Redang. After this a ferry ride is due to the island. Be sure to carry your passport with you since travelling in between Malaysia and Singapore requires double immigration.

Buy Bus Ticket Online:

You can now book the bus ticket online, if you’re traveling from Singapore to Redang Island by bus. You need to select Kuala Terengganu is your destination. From there you can take a ferry to reach Redang Island. You can book the bus ticket online here. Alternatively, you can also make use of this service to book the bus ticket online.

From Singapore to Redang by Ferry

From Singapore you need to catch a bus ride to Shahbandar jetty in Kuala Terengganu or Merang jetty for the ferry ride to Redang.

Tickets can be booked beforehand, so there is no inconvenience in travelling. Usually resorts do arrange for the ferry rides to Redang Island as well. The ticket price is usually RM50 for adults, but this is a one way ride. There are delays or cancellations of ferry rides due to water conditions and tidal waves, but mostly ferry rides operate nicely except from March to October due to monsoon conditions.

Public ferry from Shahbandar departs at 9 am, 10:30 am and 3 pm. It is necessary to arrive an hour or half an hour early to get your tickets. Most resort ferries depart from Shahbandar at 9 am in the morning.

If coming back from Redang Island then public ferry leaves as early as 7am and later at 11am. In the evening only one ferry ride leaves at 1pm. Most resort ferries leave at about 11am while only Redang Holiday from Redang departs at 7am.

Merang offers ferry rides to Redang as well, but not public ones. Laguna, Mutiara and Pelangi Resort ferries depart from Merang at about 9:30 am with only Laguna offering a second ride at 12pm.

Be sure to plan any activity an hour ahead and be at the ferry point half an hour before to catch the right ride.

Buy Ferry Ticket Online:

Now you can book your ferry ticket to Redang Island online by clicking here. The trip will cost you Malaysian 55 Ringgits (USD $15) and you will be able to board the ferry from Merang Jetty.

From Singapore to Redang by Car

You are going to need a car ride from Singapore to Merang or Kuala Terrengganu. The roads are well developed for drive to the east coast side and give a more enjoyable experience. Maps can be purchased from local shops to check out the path.

From Singapore to Redang by Cruise

Travel can be made through cruise ships to Redang Island in comfort and leisure five star cruises. The cruise ride from Singapore to Redang Island is about eight hours long that gives travelers a great experience. Star Cruises Superstar Virgo is the only cruise that goes to Redang from Singapore, and bookings can be made online here.

How to get to Redang from Singapore is a journey full of adventures. Do share your adventure with us by adding comments below.


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  1. There is no way to go Redang island from Singapore by air! I tried and failed. I gave up. So, I am gonna try Maldives or Bali since Redang (typical Malaysia) wants to act ‘atas’.

    • Hi Dev,

      You can go to Redang Island from Singapore by two ways:

      1. Taking a flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then from Kuala Lumpur to Redang Island.
      2. Taking a flight from Singapore to Terengganu and from Terengganu you can go to Redang Island by boat.

      Have you tried one of the above method?


      • Hi Admin, I think you just need to update the website to show that Berjaya Air does not fly direct anymore. Berjaya Air now only operates as a chartered flight. options are as you pointed out – go via KL.

        • Thank you for the updates about Berjaya Air. The alternate way is to fly to Terengganu and then take a ferry to Redang Isalnd from there.

  2. Hi, can you please advise if
    1) i were to fly to KL how do i get connecting flight from KL to Redang or alternatively, if
    2) i were to fly to terenganu how do i make ferry arrangements to get to redang?

    with this direct reply or link to the various website, maybe it might be easier for us to make the necessaries.
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