Know all about the Redang Monsoon Season

Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Kapas, Pulau Redang and Pulau Bidong are some of the many beautiful islands situated in Terengganu that can easily be accessed by jetties, ferries or boats. However, Redang Island is the most visited island among the others and hence Redang is considered to be the Paradise Island of Malaysia.

Redang  Monsoon Season

Each year, by the end of October, most of the resorts in Pulau Redang close down. This is because of the Redang monsoon season that has a lot of effects on the east coast of Malaysian Islands. These resorts open for business in February. The best time to visit Redang Island are months between March and early October. The earlier the better since the beaches are devoid of tourists. April to September is the peak time for tourists.

Visiting the Redang Island on weekdays is highly preferred for the foreign tourists since on weekends and public holidays, the beaches are flooded with locals.

If you plan to visit Redang Island, keep in mind that it won’t be a day’s trip. Since Pulau Redang’s ferry schedule is somewhat inapt for day tripping. The boat departs from Pulau Redang as early as 1pm, and doesn’t leave Terengganu early enough. The first few hours of reaching Redang Island will be inevitably be spent on the frantically attractive beach. Expect to pay about RM45-50 (Malaysian Ringgit) per person or RM400-500 per boat.

You won’t find yourself being bothered with the mosquitoes on the clean beach of Redang Island, those with rather sensitive skin should still be careful and wear an insect repellent, just in case.

However, Redang monsoon season affects the tourism in Redang in the months from November to early March. The monsoon brings about the heavy rains that disturbs the seas that grow vulnerably rough and tough. With relative humidity of 80 to 90%, the regular temperature stays between 25 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius in Redang and other neighboring Islands namely Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Bidong and Kapas Island. Thus Redang weather remains topical.

It is during the Redang non-monsoon months that the resorts are open for business. However, the resorts do not open all together, but they open to different but specific dates and times. The seas are very calm during the months of April to September, hence the tourist influx is at peak. However, since Pulau Redang monsoon season is right around the corner by this time, the sea is expected to get choppy at times.

Avoid going from May to August since these are the busiest of times for tours. Particularly June, since this month marks the annual school holidays in Malaysia. The perfect months are from March and October in general, since the beaches are almost empty and no crowded with the visitors. This is the time when you may also get a chance to close encounter the marine life of Redang Island waters, which is perfect for snorkeling in Redang. The huge number of turtles in the months of June to august and the spotting of the huge whale sharks, in September, that have migrated is a cherry on top!