Pulau Redang – The Paradise Island in Malaysia


Redang Island Pulau Redang is a tropical island in Malaysia with palm-fringed beaches and beautiful coral reefs. The island is located in the East Coast of peninsular Malaysia and also known as Paradise Island due to the enchanted beauty of the island. Redang Island is located in the protected marine area known as Terengganu Marine Park. There are several small islands surrounding Redang Island in Malaysia.

The island offers diving opportunities and snorkeling around the coral reefs. Generally, this island will not be crowded with visitors. However, during public and school holidays, the island will be very busy. Since the island is located within the protected marine park, all visitors to Redang Marine Park should pay RM5 (Malaysian Ringgit) as an entrance fee.

Best Time to Visit Redang Island

Monsoon rains starts from the end of October to the beginning of March in Pulau Redang Malaysia. Most of the resorts start closing from September and by October end, all of them will be closed. The tourist season in Redang Island Malaysia starts in March. The best time to visit Redang Malaysia is between the months of June – August. When the weather is in a good condition with calm sea, the island offers great opportunities for snorkeling and diving.


Pulau Redang Malaysia is an archipelago that consists of 9 islands. When you visit the island you can see turtles, coral reefs and marine fishes that make your scuba diving and snorkeling activities enjoyable.

Redang Island Malaysia offers luxurious resorts that follow international standards. Most resorts have restaurants of their own. Hence, you can find very few private restaurants in the island. Many of the food and beverage outlets in Redang Malaysia are seen in Pasir Panjang. If you would like to stay in a calmer area, then Kalong Bay is a good choice as you can find some resorts over there. At Teluk Dalam, you can find only one resort, namely Berjaya Redang Beach Resort.

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Travel around the Island

You cannot find any roads in the island, except for the road from the airport. Even though you can find some tracks for trekking or hiking through the island, there is no transport from one place to another within the island. The only transportation available to travel around Pulau Redang Malaysia is the boat services arranged by the resorts.

Things to do in Redang Island

Redang Malaysia is a perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty by hiking. Resorts in Redang will provide their customers with the map of trails. You cannot go for fishing within the radius of 3.2 km of the Redang Island Malaysia. The tourists are not allowed to collect corals and other distinctive aquatic life such as shells, fishes, etc., from the island. The island is best suitable for scuba diving, boating, canoeing, jungle trekking, swimming, and snorkeling.

Below are some recommended things to do in Redang Island.

Jungle Trekking

For jungle trekking, the visitor can find several trails to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island. If you have enough courage to deviate from the normal tracks, you can find beautiful hill tops and rock cliffs that provide you with the enchanting views of the sea and the island.

The mangroves in Pulau Redang are rich with various coastal life such as crabs, monitors, birds, mudskippers, and so on. Enjoy the glimpse of fauna such as monkeys, bats, jungle rodents, mouse deer, etc., as well. The tourists can enjoy different varieties of trees and rare orchids on the island.


Redang island is great for scuba divers as they can enjoy the coral reefs and other marine life under the sea. The divers can see black tip reef sharks, turtles, cuttlefish, schools of fishes, and many more under the sea. You may even find whale sharks and manta rays while diving in the sea.

Every resort in Pulau Redang has their own diving schools, where you can finish a diving course to get an Open Water license. Costs for diving vary from resort to resort. Never go for diving or visit the island during Redang monsoon season as you will not be allowed to dive.


In Pulau Redang Malaysia, snorkeling will be a fun activity. You will get the necessary equipment for rent at the resort where you stay. Some resorts have the facilities to snorkel from their beach (house reef or private reef). Normally, the visitors are taken by boat to the snorkeling spots. The tourists can snorkel around the shipwreck and coral reefs. Pasir Panjang is the best spot to snorkel around in Redang Malaysia. The island best suitable for diving rather than snorkeling.

Turtle Watching

Hawksbill, Olive Ridley, and Green Turtle are the three turtle species found in Pulau Redang Malaysia. The nesting time for green turtles is from March to December, Hawksbills are from January – September, and May is for Olive Ridleys. The nesting spots of these turtles are in Pasir Mak Simpan, Pasir Bujang, Teluk Dalam, Pasir Mak Kepit, and Pasir Chagar Hutang.

SEATRU is a place where visitors can see the nursery of green turtles as well as the conservation center for the turtles. The visitors can volunteer to collect eggs in order to incubate them. The turtle eggs are kept in the hatcheries until baby turtles come out and these baby turtles are then released to the ocean.

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