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Malaysia is popular among many tourists for its culture, tropical islands, beaches and most importantly, water based activities such as snorkeling & diving. Covered with warm water and a variety of marine life, it is perfect to peel of the workload stress and sit back & relax for a while. It is truly a taste of Asia, which offers a unique experience to indulge in everything your heart desires.

Many tourists visit Malaysia just for the purpose of diving and snorkeling because not only does it offer a wide range of marine species but also it is not heavy on your pocket. There are many dive sites & islands famous all through Malaysia that gain mass tourist attraction such as Tioman Island, Sipadan Island & Redang Island.

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Redang Diving Guide

Redang is one of the Islands that belong to the Malaysian government and that has been greatly commercialized for the purpose of water based activities. It harbors many white coral reefs which contain sea creatures such as baby sharks, turtles and schools of smaller fish.

The marine life has so habitual for humans in the water & friendly and can attract through the offerings of food. The water is warm and crystal blue with white beach sand which is the destination most tourists looking out for. Providing relaxation and a terrific activity based vacation.

Redang Diving is not that expensive and many dive operator schools are happy to make adjustments according to your need. The island is very accommodating in this regard and offers underwater cameras, extra equipment if needed and also instructors to help you around.

Since it is a tropical island so there is no need to be worried about the cold water. The water is mostly warm enough for diving as well as swimming.

Redang Diving Operators & Packages

Making your money count for the trip is one aspect every tourist aims for. There are many resorts in Redang Island which offer diving packages with the hotel stay. Most of the diving activities start from RM90 (Malaysian Ringgit) to less for a single dive and you can have a customized package based on your requirements.

Coral Redang Divers:

Coral Redang Divers run professional PADI service and outfits and give custom built dive boat. The charges for extra equipment varies, but the price is certainly affordable while, many do charge for extra equipment accordingly to the need of the person.

Redang Bay Divers:

Redang Bay divers are not that well equipped or snazzy to say as compared to the Coral Divers but come close to it. The package is the same RM90 for a single dive, but they charge RM60 for extra gear which is expensive as compared to the Coral Divers one.

Redang Pelangi Dive Centre:

The Redang Pelangi Dive Centre is one of the best out there which offer courses, lessons and are well equipped with modern gear to enhance your diving experience. The dive package is the same RM90 for a single dive and RM50 for additional gear needed.

You can rent an underwater camera for RM30 from local shops to capture your glorious moments under the serene waters of Redang Island.

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Redang Dive Sites

There are many dive sites located in Redang Island and offers many interesting marine life, probably because of huge white coral reefs located in the shallow water. The north of the island has the healthiest corals where many divers can see turtles and baby sharks.

Below are some of the best diving sites in Pulau Redang.

Tanjung Tokong:

The Tanjung Tokong dive site harbors many turtles and sponges because of the soft corals. It is near the turtle bay and offers a diversity of fishes that are sure to make many divers gasp because of the beauty of wild marine life.

Tanjung Gua Kawah:

The Tanjung Gua Kawah dive site is ideal for strong swimmers and many professional divers since the water current level here is strong. The corals here are mediocre, but due to the strong water currents, it is possible for many divers to see Pelagics.

Pulau Paku Besar:

The Pulau Paku Besar dive site comes near the Pasir Panjang vicinity and has a healthy coral in deep waters which harbors, schools of fishes and “Razor Fish”. The water is calm and ideal to take an up close look.

Chek Isa:

Check Isa is a shallow coral reef in which divers have to go down below and catch the awesome marine life. There are soft corals as well as hard and provide the opportunity to witness devil “Scorpion Fish”. It also has other reef dwelling fish and is one of the best corals to explore relating diving.

Mak Cantik:

The Mak Cantik diving site is another wonderful spot which offers coral Anemone and barracudas. It has a moderate level of water currents and is safe for children to five in as well. Cantik is a Malay word which translates as “beautiful” in English.

Diving Season in Redang

Since, it is a tropical area like so many others, Redang is also susceptible to monsoons and other water changes. Between November to February most of the diving centers are closed and so is any form of water transportation. The high tidal waves make it difficult for diving in peace during these seasons.

If you’re exploring other islands in Malaysia and want to know the diving sites, we have listed below some of the recommended diving sites in other islands of Malaysia:

Do let us know about your Redang diving experience. If you want to suggest a dive site in Redang, diving school or operator or anything related to diving in Redang Island then please do so by adding comments below.

Photo Credit: Mohd. Hazli (bobo) Hassan

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