Redang Nightlife

Redang Nightlife – Things to do in Redang at Night

The swaying palm trees, sandy white beaches and deep blue sea with clear water – Redang Island is known as the paradise of Malaysia, situated in Terengganu state. Located on the East Coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, Redang Island is known among the tourists for its enchanting beauty.

Located in Terengganu Marine Park, Redang Island, surrounded by many other beautiful small Islands, has its marine life protected and intact. The Island is surrounded by a number of beautiful and small islands in Terengganu.

Redang Nightlife

Still considered to be a fascinating Island, Pulau Redang has much to offer to the tourists from Diving in Redang, snorkeling & white sandy beaches. A local tourist attraction situated on the beach of the Laguna Resort, with a bar on the top and a small shop at the bottom, is very popular for being filmed in a Hong Kong’s movie, produced by the well-known Sami and Richie Ren. This place is of great interest to those who are music fanatics. This is because of the Karaoke in the Laguna resort and another by the bridge.

While Redang Island does not have much to offer at the night, the karaoke, the bar and staring at the stars while lying on the beach is highly popular among the tourists, particularly Chinese. The alcohol is not only available at every bar or resort on the Island but is also sold at very reasonable rate. For instance, a can of beer can be bought for as less as RM10 (Malaysian Ringgits) or less.

Moreover, there is also a petite and very ordinary dance club at the resort, but tourists usually like to watch the blue sand nearby the Laguna Redang Island Resort. This blue sand is basically a mineral or an organism that reflects in blue shades as the night falls.

The music and the disco lights start at around 8pm in the late evening and end late in the midnight. Dancing the night away with the loud music and cold beer, while people are partying in groups among themselves is a great pleasure of Redang nightlife, since this is the best Redang has to offer at these hours of the day.

Since the choices are limited with regard to Redang nightlife, the best way you can kill the time is sit on the beach, or lay back, watch the moon and the stars, gulp down the beer, listen to the music coming from far or the grunting of monkeys up in the hills – is almost heaven on earth moment.

If by luck you get to come to Redang Island over the weekends, you might get a chance to see the beautiful fireworks on the Island. While in a resort, expect to come across a giant gecko. The gecko found on the Islands of Terengganu can be as long as 7 inches in length.

After a whole day of exciting water sport activities; from diving and snorkeling at Pasir Panjang beach, if you still have the energy, you will love the not so extraordinary nightlife at Redang Island. Visit the disco’s or dance under the open skies with loud music, have fun at the Karaoke, which are set up both outdoors and indoors at the Laguna Resort.

However, if you feel drained by the day’s activities at the beach, winding up and relaxing at one of the bars or cafes in the Island’s resorts is yet another worthwhile activity Redang nightlife has to offer.

These are some of highlights of Redang nightlife. For more information about things to do in Redang, click here. To recommend a nightlife activity in Redang Island, please add comments below.

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