Redang Weather – A Guide to Pulau Redang Weather

Redang Island or Pulau Redang is one of the most imperative island amidst the nine of the Redang Island chain which frameworks the sea off South Chine across the Terengganu seashore. It is nearly 45 kilometers from Kuala Terengganu which is the state capital of Terengganu and is a doorway to Redang Island. Redang Island can be accessed from Terengganu and Merang through 45 to 50 minutes’ boat trip, which can be sailed from either of the harbors at Terengganu and Merang. On the other hand, Redang can be reached from Singapore and Kuala Lampur through the Berjaya Air, which is the only airline that arranges air conveyance facility to Redang Island.

Redang is famous for its pleasing magnificence and historic importance. It has two historic shipwrecks which had sunk into the sea during the World War II at the stroke of Japanese Navy bombers. Redang Island offers several incredible diving sites along with the picturesque brilliance of blue skies, fabulous white beaches and serene sparkling water, with very rich marine multiplicity such as coral reefs, varieties of turtle and incredible species of fish.

It is a perfect site for jungle-trekking and water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, canoeing and boating. Redang is regarded as a marine park, so fishing and collection of corals and gathering of other aquatic beings are strictly prohibited within 3.2 kilometers of the Island.

Redang Weather

Redang offers gleaming sun and garden-fresh air for the visitors and its access is only restricted from the months March to October. It is not very remote from the equator, so Pulau Redang weather is usually hot and humid for most time of the year with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees centigrade to 35 degrees centigrade along with comparative humidity level of 80% to 87%.

However, during the months of November and March there is a discrete rainy period where, Redang Monsoon from the northeast leads lashing and hammering rains which intrudes the serenity of water and gives rise to enormous and deadliest waves. The boat facilities and means of conveyance are kept on hold and resorts are shut. Access to Redang Island is restricted to summer season due to this purpose.

The sunrise at Redang Island fluctuates between the quick hours of 6:52am to 7:25am depending upon the interval of years. Yet, it is amusing for the visitors and photographers as Pulau Redang bears a resemblance to a paradise-on-earth at this time. When the sun rays deviate into the surface of water, they reflect stunning and inspiring wonders of the underwater world such as the different shades of anemones, alluring species of turtles and dazzling schools of fish along with other aquatic lives. Yet, it is problematic to observe a sunset as most of the resorts in Redang Island are positioned on the eastern flank of the Island.

Although Redang is accessible from March and on-wards to November, the reservations and arrangements should be made from March as the resorts and their bookings are freshly opened. However, the best months to spend vacations at Redang are April to July since the Monsoon is nearly over and the weather is still relaxing in March. The weather is entirely settled by April and the water is still and serene afterwards.

The Redang weather gets a little low from September and on-wards and causes bigger waves at night. There are rare likelihoods of sea storms and rain can be predicted for some of the time. In October, the water tides get tougher and vaster at nights, which swiftly grow larger as the monsoon proceeds. All the resorts are closed shut and shipping services are stopped by the end of October.