Where is Pulau Redang (Redang Island)?

Redang Island or Pulau Redang is about 45km from the Kuala Terengganu’s seashore and about 50 minutes of boat sail from Merang jetty. The boats can be cruised from any of the docks at Kuala Terengganu and Merang. It is one of the leading islands amongst the nine islands of the Redang Island chain which highlights the South China Sea athwart the Terengganu coastline.

Kuala Terengganu is the formal capital of Terengganu and an entrance to Redang Island. Conversely, Redang Islnd can also be accessed through the Berjaya Air which is the only airline offering facilities from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

While Pulau Redang can be accessed by various means, many prefer getting to Redang Island through ferry or boat.

This island, although does not have much to offer to keep the visitors or tourists entertained, is still found fascinating. For its clear and sandy beaches to swaying palms and clear water, Redang Island is known as a paradise of Malaysia.

Redang Island has clear azure skies and crystalline water with a very rich aquatic diversity. It has a picturesque splendor along with quite a few marvelous diving sites that amuses the visitors. The attractiveness and magnificence of this sparkling water are further enhanced when the sun rays diverge into the surface of the sea and reflects back dazzling shades of coral, alluring anemones and schools of different striking fish species.

Although fishing and the assemblage of corals or other aquatic life is austerely forbidden within 3.2 km radius of Redang Island as it is classified as an aquatic park, yet other activities and water sports such as swimming, scuba-diving, boating, canoeing and snorkeling are very famous and eagerly frolicked. Redang, however, is a remarkable place for Jungle-trekking too.

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Furthermore, the waters of Pulau Redang provide a platform to the leftovers of two significant ship-ruins that were abandoned by the bombers of Japanese naval and descended there at the launch of World War II. The ancient shipwrecks are the H.M.S Prince of Wales and H.M.S Repulse.

Pulau Redang is not very distant from the equator. It’s time-zone is GMT+8 and it lies between the Latitudes 5’44-5’50 to the north and 102’59-103’5 East longitude. It can also be accessed from Perhentian Islnad and Lang Tengah Island which are famous vacation Islands at about a boat travel of an hour to Redang Island.

The climate of Redang can be defined as hot and humid for most of the time because of its closeness to the equator. The temperature varies from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius and the humidity ranges from 80% to 87%. However, there is rainy term between the months of November and March where Redang Monsoon fetches in very dense rainfall and causes gigantic and chaotic waves in the sea. Still, all the resorts are barred shut during these months and visiting Redang Island is only regulated till the dry period and when the water is unruffled and safe. It is always good to know the best time to visit Redang Island to make most out of your trip.